Volunteering at GMS
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Volunteering at GMS

Volunteering at Greensboro Montessori SchoolParents are encouraged to take an active part in their children’s education.  Volunteering in the classroom, attending parent conferences, athletic events, student productions and performances, working in the gardens or at the Land Land in Oak Ridge, chaperoning on field trips, or as a member of the Community Association, are just a few ways you can make a difference in the lives of our students!  You won’t want to miss:

Curriculum Nights for each Division 
Fall Festival – Second Sunday in October
Parent Conferences – October and February
Middle School Sports – Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Cross Country
Spiral Dance – Winter Solstice
Middle School Holiday Marketplace – Mid-December
Lower and Upper Elementary Music Performances in December and May
5th Levels Fare Faire Performance in March
Middle School Performance and Production Events 
Moving-Up and Graduation Ceremonies - last week of school

The GMS Community Association (GMSCA):

  • collaborates to respond to community needs,
  • communicates openly and regularly,
  • facilitates opportunities for cultural and social gatherings,
  • supports volunteerism,
  • and cultivates an outreach and support network for GMS families.

Mission Statement of the GMSCA: The GMS Community Association is a dynamic, inclusive organization that strives to enrich the school experience for all.  We foster a vibrant school community, and serve to bridge and connect home and school while supporting the mission and goals of GMS.  

 To learn more about the GMS Community Association, contact Andi Bogan at Andi@thegms.org or 336-668-0119.