GMS Launches 2016-17 Reading Challenge

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GMS Launches 2016-17 Reading Challenge

Greensboro Montessori School, in collaboration with Scuppernong Books, is proud to announce our 2016-17 reading challenge, entitled Chill out and Read! Our School Media Coordinator, Erin Carmola, is challenging the entire student body (and faculty, too!) to read as many books as possible this year. These books can be school assignments or pleasure reading. Reading is essential to brain development at every level, and we want every book to count toward our goal, whether we are reading Hop on Pop or Pride and Prejudice.

How it Works

Students can earn “ice cubes” by reading and logging books.

We will use the “Pop-O-Meter” (a giant painted popsicle) to measure our progress as a whole school. We will gradually decorate each of the six sections of this popsicle as we read more books. Each section requires 150 “ice cubes” to be complete.

Since we have readers of all ages and abilities, there are multiple reading formulas to earning an “ice cube.” More specifically, one ice cube is equivalent to any of the following:

  • Reading 20 picture books
  • Reading two chapter books less than 200 pages in length
  • Reading one chapter book equal to or greater than 200 pages in length

By weighting different types of books in this format, we are ensuring that books read by our advanced readers are as important in the tabulation as the books read by our beginning readers.

Tips from Erin

  • Want to report your books one at a time? No problem! There is a log sheet in the library where individual books can be reported one by one. This might be the best option for those students reading chapter books.
  • Want to turn in a log sheet electronically? Feel free to type it out and email it to Erin.
  • Some classrooms will have a “class reading log” for books read as a group.
  • Paper Log sheets can be turned in at the library or in the front office. Erin will also collect them.
  • To check out our progress, visit the Media Center to see the Pop-O-Meter! Updates will also be provided in the The Pinwheel.

Next Steps

Consider talking with your children about setting a personal reading goal. Encourage them to set a goal that's attainable, but also requires a little extra effort. Every reader is different, and every contribution matters!

Reaching our Goal

Scuppernong Books will give coupons for a 10% discount on one book for students and classrooms that earn five ice cubes! We are confident we'll reach, and even exceed, our goal of filling the entire Pop-o-Meter by the end of the school year! We will celebrate our success with a popsicle dessert at the end-of-year pizza party on Friday, June 9! So get ready to chill out and read!