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The Greensboro Montessori School Strategic Plan "Vision 2020"

In 2010 the Board of Trustees engaged in a year-long process of updating the Strategic Plan for GMS. The plan, entitled “Vision 2020” will serve as the "road map" for the school over the next ten years. A key objective of the new strategic plan was to create a definitive vision for our near-term future. With input from numerous stakeholders, including faculty, staff, parents, students and interested community members, a vision statement, entitled “Vision 2020” was crafted which will position GMS for a strong future. The Strategic Plan was written to support our Vision 2020. We invite you to review the plan and as always, welcome your comments and feedback.

“Vision 2020”

By 2020, The Greensboro Montessori School will be the premier steward for sharing the Montessori philosophy in the Southeast, funded by a $5 million endowment. This vision will enable GMS to provide an unsurpassed Montessori educational experience by being more efficient, effective, inclusive, innovative, and representative of the Montessori philosophy.

GMS Priorities 2010-2020:

GMS continuously engages in a process of planning, implementing, assessing, and improving its programs and operations while serving as a champion for the development of the Montessori philosophy in the Southeast. Our strategic direction for the 2010-2020 will be guided by the following priorities:

1. Efficiency and Effectiveness

a. Employ and recruit the best faculty and staff to promote the Montessori method in our curriculum and programs

2. Expanding our Community

a. Effectively market GMS to our target market and greater Greensboro community

3. Unique Qualities

a. Celebrate student/staff diversity, foster environmental education through the Land Lab experience, upgrade physical facilities and sustainability efforts, provide state-of-the-art technology and equipment throughout GMS

4. Innovation and Recognition

a. Become the resource for Montessori education in the Southeast

b. Raise $5 million endowment by 2020 

c. Leverage Environmental Education and Land Lab benefits with the greater Greensboro community


Click here to download a pdf of the complete Vision 2020 Strategic Plan document.