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Dr. Kevin Navarro
Head of School
Alicia Rowan
Lead Primary Teacher, P3
Aliya Graves
Toddler Assistant Teacher, All-Day Toddler
Amy Wagoner
Director of Finance
Andi Bogan
Director of Communications and Family Relations
Ashby Pettigrew
Primary Assistant Teacher, P3
Ashlee Ramsey
Toddler Assistant Teacher, Academic-Day Toddler
Betsy Bevan
Music Teacher
Brooke Juneau
Lead Toddler Teacher, Academic-Day Toddler
Catherine Froelich
Lead Primary Teacher, P2
Cathy Moses
Upper Elementary Teacher
Charlene McKee
Toddler Assistant Teacher, Academic-Day Toddler
Cynthia Kiddy
Upper Elementary Teacher
Dean Stern
Upper School Science Teacher
Doug Williams
Upper School Math Teacher
Eliza Hudson
Lead Environmental Education Teacher
Erin Carmola
Upper School Language Arts Teacher
Gail Keefe
Primary Assistant Teacher, P4
Heather Goggin
Director of Human Resources
Heather Sparks
Director of CASA
Assistant Toddler Teacher
Ingrid Bommer
Toddler Assistant Teacher, All-Day Toddler
Isabelle Bangham
Lead Primary Teacher, P4
Jenny Kimmel
Land Lab Coordinator
Jillian Crone
Director of Marketing and Development
Learning Support Specialist
John Archambault
Upper School History Teacher
Jonathan McLean
Upper School Music, Performing & Visual Arts Teacher
Kaki Keyser
Lower Elementary Teacher - LE1
Katherine Gwynn
Arts Director
Kathy Zang
Learning Support Specialist
Katie Jones
Lower Elementary Teacher - LE2
Kristy Ford
Lower Elementary Teacher - LE2
Mackie Chandler
Director of Facilities
Marcela Tejada
Primary Spanish Teacher
Marie Kelly
Lead Toddler Teacher, Half-Day Toddler
Mary Jacobson
Lower Elementary Teacher - LE1
Brandon Johnson
Director of Technology
Michelle Morgan
Lead Toddler Teacher, All-Day Toddler
Nancy Hofer
Associate Head of School
Rhea Egbert
Director of Admission
Robin Smelzer
Lead Primary Teacher, P1
Sandra Lee
Upper School Spanish Teacher
Rossana Aranda
Elementary Spanish Teacher
Sara Stratton
Environmental Education Teacher
Shannon Pitts
Toddler Assistant Teacher, Half-Day Toddler
Stacy Cosson
Primary Associate Teacher, P2
Terry Jeffrey
Physical Education Teacher
Communications Coordinator