Photo Gallery

Photos of the Week: The Great Kapok Tree and Fare Faire

We're delighted to share highlights from two recent theatrical performances. The first is Primary Two's reenactment of The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest, a beloved children's book by Lynne Cherry. The second is Upper Elementary's Fare Faire, which is the culmination of four months of these fourth and fifth graders' tremendous work. This year's event featured a theatrical adaptation of The Secrets of Vesuvius, a historical novel set in Roman times by Caroline Lawrence. The script was written by the Upper Elementary students based on their reading of the novel. They brought the script to life with the help of their teachers, parents, GMSCA volunteers and each other!

Video of the Week: The 45 Layout

The 45 Layout is a Montessori math exercise in the Primary classroom which involves tremendous concentration, coordination and stamina. Our video of the week shows Luke, a four-year-old student in Greensboro Montessori School's Primary program, completing this impressive work. Using Montessori's golden bead materials, The 45 Layout requires working knowledge and sequencing of the first four place values in the decimal number system: units, tens, hundreds and thousands. In fact, it's called The 45 Layout because the student must use 45 unit beads, 45 ten-bead bars, 45 wooden hundred squares and 45 thousand wooden cubes to complete the monumental task!

Photos of the Week: Middle School Science

This week we caught up with Middle School students in the science lab and were in awe watching them transform a two-dimensional design into a three-dimensional solid figurine through bronze casting. In the same class, students concurrently worked on building the School's new portable solar panel cart. And special this week, we have a bonus video: an eighth-grade student demonstrates the reaction of molten sodium at a white hot 1900 degrees Fahrenheit with water. Though one might think the meeting results in a chemical reaction, it is actually of a purely physical nature. The water converts to steam expanding to 1600 times its previous volume in a fraction of a second, and the rapid expansion is what drives this fantastic example of physical chemistry.

Photos of the Week: Geology ROCKS!

Our Lower Elementary students presented their annual musical to the delight of the entire School. In Geology ROCKS, Professor Rock has disappeared and it's up to his students, Rosie and Jenn, to find him! With the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Rosie and Jenn travel the through earth, volcanoes, canyons, valleys and mountains in search of their beloved teacher. All the while, Sherlock and Watson think they're looking for a rock, as in the igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic kind! Follow along as Rosie and Jenn solve the mystery and explore the wonders of geology.

Photos of the Week: Upper Elementary in Action

Our Upper Elementary students have been busy studying the periodic table, conducting experiments on chemical reactions, writing biographies on notable historical figures, and building props and rehearsing their lines for the upcoming Roman-themed Fare Faire performance, all while being gracious hosts for a few Lower Elementary visitors. Speaking of grace and courtesy, this week our Upper Elementary students also gave a special send-off party for a classmate whose family is moving back to Japan in early March.

Photos of the Week: Independent School League Champions

Greensboro Montessori School's Middle School volleyball team wrapped up an undefeated season with a win over High Point Friends on Thursday, February 9! With the victory, the Panthers also clinched the Independent School League title for the 2016-17 volleyball season! Thanks to Christian Wolters, we have this shot of the happy champions.

Greensboro Montessori School 2016-17 Independent School League volleyball champions.

Photos of the Week: Middle School Volleyball

Greensboro Montessori School's Middle School volleyball team is undefeated! Enjoy these action shots from the Panthers' five-set win on Thursday, plus our fantastic parents-versus-students match on Friday.

Photos of the Week: The 2017 International Fair

The International Fair captivated the entire Greensboro Montessori School community. This annual event embraces the inclusivity of our School and highlights just some of the many cultures and countries represented in our community. Our photographers captured hundreds of photos which we will share in the coming weeks. For now, we wanted to give you a few highlights of our uplifting day.

Photos of the Week: January 20, 2017

Greensboro Montessori School hosted its qualifying rounds of the Scripps National Spelling Bee this week. We declared winners in three age groups: third and fourth graders; fifth and sixth graders; and seventh and eighth graders. Our photos of the week come from our fifth and sixth graders' competition.

Photos of the Week: January 14, 2017

The Triad got 10 inches of snow this week, and we couldn't resist sharing how our families enjoyed the winter fun!

Photos of the Week: January 7, 2017

Our Middle School students' talents were on full display with the presentation of four theatrical productions during their Creative Labs Performances. Under the guidance of Jonathan McLean, Middle School Music and Performing and Visual Arts teacher, the students wrote, directed, scored, performed and produced their own original productions. Whether a sixth grader was delivering a monologue, a seventh grader was playing in the orchestra pit, or an eighth grader was running the sound board, each and every student had an integral role in this exciting evening.

Photos of the Week: December 10, 2016

Upper Elementary students hosted their annual World Music Winter Concert this week. The students performed a variety of music including Middle Eastern percussion arrangements featuring doumbek drums (just one of many instruments featured in our World Music Library). Additionally, the students acted out scenes choreographed to classical music, showcased their solo talent (both vocal and instrumental), and gave a grande finale rendition of "Let It Snow" by Jule Styne.

Photos of the Week: December 3, 2016

This week, our Lower Elementary students performed their annual Winter World Music Concert. Students sang songs from North America and performed dances and story-dramas from the Native American culture. We were lucky enough to capture our talented first, second and third graders during rehearsal and the night of the show!

Photos of the Week: November 24, 2016

Our Toddlers were comfy cozy during this week's Pajama Day. In between their work cycles and napping, they also practiced expressing gratitude through a fun craft project. Down the hall, our Primary students reenacted the Stone Soup folk story. Each student contributed to the meal by bringing something small to share with the group. When all of the students' small contributions were combined, out emerged a meal large enough to nourish the entire classroom community!

Photos of the Week: November 12, 2016

After spending Tuesday in Catherine Froelich and Stacy Cosson's Primary classroom, we were overwhelmed by the amount and variety of learning achieved by our preschool-aged students in a single day. These photos provide a small glimpse into their world. Keep your eyes peeled for the following subjects: mathematics using the Golden Bead Materials, Stamp Game, Tens Board and Trinomial Cube; language and writing with the Movable Alphabet; English vocabulary with words ending in "ock"; Spanish vocabulary with animals and numbers; reading independently and in small groups; biology through the Botany Cabinet and an exploration of leaves; geography during a research project on koalas native to Australia; and biology again in researching koalas' animal classification (they're mammals, just like us)! And no Primary classroom would be complete without practical life and sensorial materials which lay the foundation for executive function and self-regulation skills necessary for lifelong success.

Photos of the Week: October 29, 2016

This week, while Primary students were learning about Colombian art and culture from Primary Spanish teacher, Rossana Aranda, Lower Elementary students we participating in the ongoing "I Wish to Say" project. "I Wish to Say" grew out of  artist Sheryl Oring's concern that not enough voices were being heard about the state-of-affairs in our country and her belief in the value of free expression guaranteed by the First Amendment. For this project, Oring sets up a portable public office - complete with a manual typewriter - and invites people to dictate postcards to the President. The project began in 2004 with a commission from The First Amendment Project in Oakland, Calif. and has had two national tours funded by grant support from the Creative Capital Foundation. To date, more than 2,200 postcards have been sent to the White House. Thanks to Ms. Oring's visit to Greensboro Montessori School, postcards from our students will soon add to that number.

Photos of the Week: 2016 Fall Festival

On Sunday, October 16, the Greensboro Montessori School Community Association hosted our annual Fall Festival. With the help of countless volunteers, in-kind activity contributors and sponsors, the School welcomed hundreds of past, present and future families for an afternoon of good old-fashioned fun including arts and crafts, pony rides, a bounce house, face painting, a cider press, a dunking booth and so much more! We're are tremendously grateful to our sponsors for underwriting this fantastic event.  The memories created and captured in our "Photos of the Week" (courtesy of the talented Joe Comick) would not be possible without their generosity. J.A. King, the precision management company, was our Gold Sponsor. We also had three Silver Sponsors: Atlantic STS; Mitchell, Bartlett & Bell Orthodontics; and Russell & Cook Insurance.

Photos of the Week: October 15, 2016

This week we welcomed students from our Costa Rican sister school, The Summit School. Students have been staying with Greensboro Montessori School host families and have enjoyed a host of activities with our middle school students. These photos include work on campus, the sixth graders' field trip to the North Carolina Museum of History and the eighth graders' field trip to Hanging Rock State Park.

Photos of the Week: October 8, 2016

This week we celebrated our permaculture gardening program and the Annual Fund by hosting a Seed to Table Dinner. On Thursday, October 6, students from Lower Elementary harvested lettuce they had planted only weeks earlier. (In the same Thursday lesson, they also planted carrot seeds and harvested sweet potatoes.) The next day, students hand-delivered the lettuce to Leigh Hesling, executive chef of Print Works Bistro and Green Valley Grill. Chef Hesling then used the greens in the salad for our Seed to Table Dinner. We hope you enjoy our Seed to Table journey through these photos of the week!

Photos of the Week: September 24, 2016

On Saturday, September 24, Greensboro Montessori School hosted the Fall Community Garden Workday. Over 20 families helped prepare our gardens for the winter!

Photos of the Week: September 17, 2016

Primary 1 visited All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm on Thursday, September 15.