Photo Gallery

Photos of the Week: Science Fair

Upper Elementary welcomed students, parents, faculty, and staff to the 2018 Science Fair where they showed off their knowledge of the scientific method (and their fascinating experiments). Each young scientist presented their work to both younger and older students, along with members of our adult community. The human interaction, information exchange, and inspirational work are all captured in our Photos of the Week. Kudos to our fourth, fifth, and sixth graders for their amazing projects and presentations!

Photos of the Week: 2018 Green and White Bash

Our adult community recently gathered at the Proximity Hotel to celebrate our School and raise money for a fantastic cause: our students and faculty! Our Photos of the Week show guests dining, sipping, dancing, bidding, and chatting the night away. Plus, through our partnership with the Proximity Hotel, the 2018 Green and White Bash was an eco-friendly, low-waste event. All proceeds from the Bash will support financial aid for our students and professional development for faculty.

Photos of the Week: Shark Dissection

Upper School students dissected sharks under the guidance of Upper School science faculty, Dean Stern and Cathy Moses. The budding scientists were visited by students in Lower Elementary, bringing together students ranging in age from 6 to 15 years old. Younger students marveled at the hands-on work they will tackle in years to come. Older students leveraged their knowledge, maturity, and comfort in the classroom to mentor their younger peers. It was an inspirational morning, one which captured the extraordinary benefits of multiage, experiential learning at Greensboro Montessori School.

Photos of the Week: Upper School Student Photography

Upper School students enrolled in After-School CASA recently completed a 10-week session with Youth Photography Collective. Youth Photography Collective is an outreach program through the Center for Visual Artists that teaches Guilford County students both the technical and stylistic aspects of art-based photography at their own schools, in a familiar environment. The program is taught by a professional photographer using high-end equipment and culminates with a final display, critique, or presentation.

Photos of the Week: Robotics, Puppeteers and The Sistine Chapel

Upper Elementary and Junior High students demonstrate collaboration and creative thinking in many forms. Seventh, eighth and ninth graders work in teams for their Creative Labs class to design, build and test robotics prototypes and human-powered puppets. Meanwhile, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students in Upper Elementary deliver their most recent book review presentations on the mobile Smart Board and culminate their study of the Renaissance by channeling the techniques that Michelangelo used to paint the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel.

Photos of the Week: Lower Elementary Musical Celebrates Bio-Diversity

On Friday, March 2, Lower Elementary students took to the stage to share an outstanding performance of a short musical play entitled "Biomes: Animals and Plants in Their Habitats." The script, published by Bad Wolf Press, is a great complement to the life science curriculum and a fabulous way for students to apply their studies about animal and plant habitats, ecology and bio-diversity. The cast included a whole crew of wild animals, led by an African elephant, Hercules beetle and a king snake, all of whom had escaped from the zoo in search of their own proper biome! They joined together to explore, survive and sing catchy tunes about the diverse habitats for which they are uniquely adapted.

Photos of the Week: Panther Pride on the Court

GMS Panthers big and small show their school pride on the court... the volleyball court and the basketball court. For the second year in a row, the GMS volleyball team took home the Independent School League championship. The Panthers came back from a 2-set deficit to beat High Point Friends 3-2 for the title. After their big win, the Panthers prepared for our first-ever GMS Community Volleyball Tournament. Fans enjoyed a three-game event Friday afternoon which included a parents team, alumni team, staff team, as well as a student team. In the same week our Primary CASA students wowed their families with a Basketball Showcase to demonstrate the new athletic skills they have been practicing in the after school CASA program. Volleyball photos provided courtesy of Christian Wolters.

Photos of the Week: Junior High Music Ensemble Opens Swarm Game

On Saturday, February 10, Greensboro Montessori School's Junior High Music Ensemble opened for the Greensboro Swarm NBA G-League basketball team. The group, led by Junior High music faculty Jonathan McLean, features 11 students from fifth through ninth grades. In addition to six student vocalists, students also play keyboards, drums, bass guitar, and violin. On this evening, the Music Ensemble performed a cover of "Treasure" by Bruno Mars. Thanks to Christian Wolters for providing video coverage of their amazing performance.

Photos of the Week: Upper Elementary Fare Faire Performance

Upper Elementary students culminated their study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance with the production of the sixteenth annual Fare Faire on January 25. This year’s show was entitled “To All a Good Knight” based on the book “The Ballad of Sir Dinadan” by Gerald Morris. The cast was comprised of fourth and fifth level students, and the sixth levels served as the production team managing all of the backstage planning, directing and technical support. Photos courtesy of Jacqui van Lier.

Photos of the Week: Adventures in the Snow

Right on the heels of our Martin Luther King holiday weekend, mother nature brought a winter snow storm to the central Piedmont that covered the ground with over seven inches of powdery snow. Our families enjoyed tons of outdoor fun and sent us pics of their sledding and snow building adventures and playtime. Within a few days, the snow had all but disappeared but our photo gallery of the week recounts those frosty days and shows just how much fun snow days in North Carolina can be.

Photos of the Week: Primary Classroom Renovation Complete!

On January 3rd, our Primary students walked into four beautifully enhanced classroom environments which were transformed with new flooring, furniture, shelving and countertops during the Winter Break. Because of the generous support of 70 in 70: The Fund for GMS, this dramatic revitalization project was able to be accomplished immediately so that the students and teachers could reap the benefits of our fundraising success without missing a single beat. What an fantastic way to start 2018!

Later this month, we are inviting our donors to an Open House to celebrate the School's hard work.

Photos of the Week: World Music Concerts and Special Visitors

Our Elementary students recently showcased their musical and artistic talents in their World Music Winter Concerts. Each performance represented the culmination of our fall study of African music, instruments, culture and dance. Guests entered the concert through a gallery of student artwork including African style masks, drawings and kente cloth fabric prints. Students also shared some of their favorite winter holiday tunes. The Upper Elementary show included the debut performance of the new 6th level music ensemble.

Continuing on the theme of cultural studies of Africa, this week our Primary students were treated to a special visit from educators at the NC Zoo who shared a program and exhibit taking students on a virtual African safari. The biofacts exhibit included three African animals from their Animal Ambassador Program: an African pygmy hedgehog, a ball python and an African giant millipede.

Photos of the Week: Purposeful Work in Primary

Primary students returned from Thanksgiving Break with a new resolve for deep periods of concentration and purposeful work. For some children that purposeful work was as simple as following through on all of the steps involved with the snack process from preparing the ingredients to meticulously sweeping up the crumbs that had fallen on the floor. Others found new inspiration in dissecting puzzle maps of the continents, exploring the dimensions of the Pink Tower, and delving into intricate math and language lessons.

Photos of the Week: Our First Grateful Gathering

At Greensboro Montessori School, we practice gratitude every day...but on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we celebrated it! For the School's first "Grateful Gathering," our community brought to life the classic tale of Stone Soup. Students from each division prepared vegetables which were combined and cooked in a cauldron by our Junior High students. Our eldest students also converted the gym into a restaurant able to host 250 people, ranging in age from 18 months to 65 years old, at the same time. After sharing a meal together, our students reveled in an all-school recess where gratitude could be heard through laughter, seen through smiles, and felt through love.

Photos of the Week: Lower Elementary in Action

We recently hosted curriculum open houses in each of our divisions: Toddler, Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Junior High. For our Lower Elementary curriculum event, guests got to experience a morning as a Lower Elementary student. They were given work journals to complete, requiring them to visit different areas of the room where they received a lesson. The morning was particularly inspiring because the students, not the teachers, gave the lessons to family and friends.

Photos of the Week: A Day in the Life of a Toddler

For a toddler, the concepts of play and work are completely synonymous with one another, and our photo gallery this week shows just how much "work" our toddlers can and do accomplish in the course of a single school day when they are given developmentally-appropriate tools and guidance to facilitate their emerging independence. Their growing sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is expressed as pure joy!

Photos of the Week: Fall Festival 2017

On Sunday, October 15 we welcomed our entire community to our annual outdoor Fall Festival for a fun afternoon of music, activities and exhibits for all ages. It was a wonderful opportunity for new and returning families, teachers, alumni and friends to meet or reconnect on our campus and celebrate the vibrancy of our school community. The event was proudly presented by the Community Association (GMSCA) and generously sponsored by J.A. King and Mitchell, Bartlett and Bell Orthodontics.

Photos of the Week: Science and Soccer

This week, our Upper School students showcased their talent and tenacity in the science lab and on the soccer field. In the classroom, our Junior High students conducted laboratory tests investigating pH levels using litmus paper, methyl red, bromothymol blue and phenolpthalein. The students tested a control set, a variety of unknowns and then random household items. Meanwhile, our Upper Elementary students used their digital microscope and SMART Board to explore cytoplasmic streaming of plant cells. On the field, the GMS Panthers soccer team played two home games; the first game ended in a tie after both teams scored during double overtime, and the second game showcased Panthers' teamwork as we garnered a 6-0 victory.

Photos of the Week: Welcoming Autumn

As we celebrate the conclusion of our first full month of the 2017-18 school year, our Toddlers are happily settling into their classroom routines and bravely exploring their classrooms with wide eyes and smiles. At the same time, one of our Primary classrooms ventured out on their first field trip of the year to the Piedmont Environmental Center in High Point where they learned about the local ecosystem, the seasonal changes of autumn, and tadpoles in their natural habitat.

Photos of the Week: Fall Community Work Day

In the spring of 2017, our Upper Elementary students combined environmental science with design to envision their ideal ecological outdoor classroom. Hence, our fall community work day was all about bringing their vision to life. We planted a new bed of blackberry bushes, created public art inspired by our beekeeping work, rebuilt and relocated the Upper School's compost bins, painted the swinging gate on the pond fence, dug up day lilies, and prepared beds for fall planting. We were thrilled to host 39 people (from 20 different families) under beautiful blue skies in gorgeous fall weather. It was the perfect way to start the weekend.

Photos of the Week: First Full Week of School

Greensboro Montessori School was alive with activity for the first full week of the 2017-18 school year. Toddlers explored our 10-acre campus, including their natural playground and the chicken coop behind the Upper School. Primary students jumped straight into their work: the metal insets, writing, sensorial materials and walking to art class. Lower Elementary students began the year as they always do: igniting their minds and building their community through The Great Lessons. Upper Elementary students enjoyed their first outing to the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, and Junior High students experienced their annual Foundations Week of bonding and purposeful work at the Land in preparation for the year ahead.

Summer Fun 2017

Whether they were marching in their own Fourth of July parade, picking blueberries, making zucchini bread, hiking beloved mountain trails, shooting hoops, writing and performing their own short skits, building sand castles and landforms, constructing visual and cinematic masterpieces, or just indulging in some good old-fashioned water play, the children in our Weekly Summer Camps and our Al Fresco Summer Program enjoyed countless days of fun and adventure throughout June, July and August!

Photos of the Week: Moving Up Ceremony and Graduation

Greensboro Montessori School's annual Moving Up Ceremony recognizes each student moving on to the next phase of her educational journey. The ceremony begins with each graduate being called up to the stage where he remains throughout the event. During this walk, he is greeted with a flower by one of his study buddies from a lower grade. Once all graduates have been recognized, the School names every student moving from one level to the next. Not much compares to the pride on these students' faces. It's a similar glimmer in each of them, whether a toddler taking the big leap to Primary or a third grader leaving Lower El for the next three-year cycle in Upper El. But the pièce de résistance is the end, when the graduates come down from the stage and receive a grand send off from the entire student body! Smiles, high-fives, hugs, tears and more reflect the flood of emotions experienced by our students, their parents and our educators. The School's formal graduation exercises follow in the evening, when these feelings are only amplified. Here are photos from both events, and we've also published a blog post with a collection of sound bites from Graduation for you to enjoy!

Photos of the Week: Lower Elementary Cultural Fair

Lower Elementary students proudly shared their individual research projects at the Cultural Fair on Friday, June 2. Parents, friends and guests were invited to peruse the 38 original projects and talk with the students about their topics which ranged from such diverse interests as famous female architects to poison dart frogs to the Great Barrier Reef. The Lower Elementary Cultural Fair is an exciting culmination of a three week cycle that helps our six to nine year old students hone their long term planning skills.

Photos of the Week: Elementary Field Trips

This week we bring you photos from recent overnight field trips with our Elementary students! Catch a glimpse of second- and third-grade students dissecting squid at Camp Don Lee along the Neuse River; fourth-grade students posing with the wild horses of the Outer Banks; and fifth-grade students experiencing colonial Williamsburg.

Photos of the Week: A Week in the Life of GMS

Our Photos of the Week often feature a theme or in depth look at a single event. This week, we wanted to share a more representative view of a week in the life of our School. No one level or class looks the same at any given moment, and these photos wonderfully illustrate the vibrancy, unfettered activity and joy of our campus! We've pulled a fantastic cross-section of photos from the Elementary Art Show at Mitchell, Bartlett & Bell Orthodontics; our Upper Elementary Science Fair including presentations to our Primary classrooms; the sixth grade overnight field trip to Washington D.C.; and our eighth grade Spanish Language immersion field trip to Costa Rica!

Photos of the Week: 2017 Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Greensboro Montessori School was overflowing with joy and love as we welcomed grandparents and special friends to our campus. We began the morning in our gymnasium with a delicious continental breakfast featuring scones and coffee from Savory Street Catering and gorgeous fruit bowls from Big Burger Spot. Then, students from our Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School programs performed musical selections for our guests (check out the video of our Middle Schoolers' performance after this week's photos). Our morning together concluded with grandparents and family friends joining their respective students in our classrooms and gardens. We also caught several guests enjoying the playground!

Photos of the Week: 2017 Green & White Bash

It was Game On for the attendees of the 2017 Green & White Bash! Guests enjoyed live music courtesy of Lake Jeanette Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry; delicious craft beer from Preyer Brewing Company; mixed drinks from Greensboro Distilling Co.; and custom-built, larger-than-life versions of classic family games like Ker Plunk, Yahtzee, Operation, Connect Four and Jenga (we also channeled The Price is Right with our very own Plinko board). Good times were had by all (and we collectively raised wonderful funds for our School)!

Photos of the Week: The Great Kapok Tree and Fare Faire

We're delighted to share highlights from two recent theatrical performances. The first is Primary Two's reenactment of The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest, a beloved children's book by Lynne Cherry. The second is Upper Elementary's Fare Faire, which is the culmination of four months of these fourth and fifth graders' tremendous work. This year's event featured a theatrical adaptation of The Secrets of Vesuvius, a historical novel set in Roman times by Caroline Lawrence. The script was written by the Upper Elementary students based on their reading of the novel. They brought the script to life with the help of their teachers, parents, GMSCA volunteers and each other!

Video of the Week: The 45 Layout

The 45 Layout is a Montessori math exercise in the Primary classroom which involves tremendous concentration, coordination and stamina. Our video of the week shows Luke, a four-year-old student in Greensboro Montessori School's Primary program, completing this impressive work. Using Montessori's golden bead materials, The 45 Layout requires working knowledge and sequencing of the first four place values in the decimal number system: units, tens, hundreds and thousands. In fact, it's called The 45 Layout because the student must use 45 unit beads, 45 ten-bead bars, 45 wooden hundred squares and 45 thousand wooden cubes to complete the monumental task!

Photos of the Week: Middle School Science

This week we caught up with Middle School students in the science lab and were in awe watching them transform a two-dimensional design into a three-dimensional solid figurine through bronze casting. In the same class, students concurrently worked on building the School's new portable solar panel cart. And special this week, we have a bonus video: an eighth-grade student demonstrates the reaction of molten sodium at a white hot 1900 degrees Fahrenheit with water. Though one might think the meeting results in a chemical reaction, it is actually of a purely physical nature. The water converts to steam expanding to 1600 times its previous volume in a fraction of a second, and the rapid expansion is what drives this fantastic example of physical chemistry.

Photos of the Week: Geology ROCKS!

Our Lower Elementary students presented their annual musical to the delight of the entire School. In Geology ROCKS, Professor Rock has disappeared and it's up to his students, Rosie and Jenn, to find him! With the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Rosie and Jenn travel the through earth, volcanoes, canyons, valleys and mountains in search of their beloved teacher. All the while, Sherlock and Watson think they're looking for a rock, as in the igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic kind! Follow along as Rosie and Jenn solve the mystery and explore the wonders of geology.

Photos of the Week: Upper Elementary in Action

Our Upper Elementary students have been busy studying the periodic table, conducting experiments on chemical reactions, writing biographies on notable historical figures, and building props and rehearsing their lines for the upcoming Roman-themed Fare Faire performance, all while being gracious hosts for a few Lower Elementary visitors. Speaking of grace and courtesy, this week our Upper Elementary students also gave a special send-off party for a classmate whose family is moving back to Japan in early March.

Photos of the Week: Independent School League Champions

Greensboro Montessori School's Middle School volleyball team wrapped up an undefeated season with a win over High Point Friends on Thursday, February 9! With the victory, the Panthers also clinched the Independent School League title for the 2016-17 volleyball season! Thanks to Christian Wolters, we have this shot of the happy champions.

Greensboro Montessori School 2016-17 Independent School League volleyball champions.

Photos of the Week: Middle School Volleyball

Greensboro Montessori School's Middle School volleyball team is undefeated! Enjoy these action shots from the Panthers' five-set win on Thursday, plus our fantastic parents-versus-students match on Friday.

Photos of the Week: The 2017 International Fair

The International Fair captivated the entire Greensboro Montessori School community. This annual event embraces the inclusivity of our School and highlights just some of the many cultures and countries represented in our community. Our photographers captured hundreds of photos which we will share in the coming weeks. For now, we wanted to give you a few highlights of our uplifting day.

Photos of the Week: January 20, 2017

Greensboro Montessori School hosted its qualifying rounds of the Scripps National Spelling Bee this week. We declared winners in three age groups: third and fourth graders; fifth and sixth graders; and seventh and eighth graders. Our photos of the week come from our fifth and sixth graders' competition.

Photos of the Week: January 14, 2017

The Triad got 10 inches of snow this week, and we couldn't resist sharing how our families enjoyed the winter fun!

Photos of the Week: January 7, 2017

Our Middle School students' talents were on full display with the presentation of four theatrical productions during their Creative Labs Performances. Under the guidance of Jonathan McLean, Middle School Music and Performing and Visual Arts teacher, the students wrote, directed, scored, performed and produced their own original productions. Whether a sixth grader was delivering a monologue, a seventh grader was playing in the orchestra pit, or an eighth grader was running the sound board, each and every student had an integral role in this exciting evening.

Photos of the Week: December 10, 2016

Upper Elementary students hosted their annual World Music Winter Concert this week. The students performed a variety of music including Middle Eastern percussion arrangements featuring doumbek drums (just one of many instruments featured in our World Music Library). Additionally, the students acted out scenes choreographed to classical music, showcased their solo talent (both vocal and instrumental), and gave a grande finale rendition of "Let It Snow" by Jule Styne.

Photos of the Week: December 3, 2016

This week, our Lower Elementary students performed their annual Winter World Music Concert. Students sang songs from North America and performed dances and story-dramas from the Native American culture. We were lucky enough to capture our talented first, second and third graders during rehearsal and the night of the show!

Photos of the Week: November 24, 2016

Our Toddlers were comfy cozy during this week's Pajama Day. In between their work cycles and napping, they also practiced expressing gratitude through a fun craft project. Down the hall, our Primary students reenacted the Stone Soup folk story. Each student contributed to the meal by bringing something small to share with the group. When all of the students' small contributions were combined, out emerged a meal large enough to nourish the entire classroom community!

Photos of the Week: November 12, 2016

After spending Tuesday in Catherine Froelich and Stacy Cosson's Primary classroom, we were overwhelmed by the amount and variety of learning achieved by our preschool-aged students in a single day. These photos provide a small glimpse into their world. Keep your eyes peeled for the following subjects: mathematics using the Golden Bead Materials, Stamp Game, Tens Board and Trinomial Cube; language and writing with the Movable Alphabet; English vocabulary with words ending in "ock"; Spanish vocabulary with animals and numbers; reading independently and in small groups; biology through the Botany Cabinet and an exploration of leaves; geography during a research project on koalas native to Australia; and biology again in researching koalas' animal classification (they're mammals, just like us)! And no Primary classroom would be complete without practical life and sensorial materials which lay the foundation for executive function and self-regulation skills necessary for lifelong success.

Photos of the Week: October 29, 2016

This week, while Primary students were learning about Colombian art and culture from Primary Spanish teacher, Rossana Aranda, Lower Elementary students we participating in the ongoing "I Wish to Say" project. "I Wish to Say" grew out of  artist Sheryl Oring's concern that not enough voices were being heard about the state-of-affairs in our country and her belief in the value of free expression guaranteed by the First Amendment. For this project, Oring sets up a portable public office - complete with a manual typewriter - and invites people to dictate postcards to the President. The project began in 2004 with a commission from The First Amendment Project in Oakland, Calif. and has had two national tours funded by grant support from the Creative Capital Foundation. To date, more than 2,200 postcards have been sent to the White House. Thanks to Ms. Oring's visit to Greensboro Montessori School, postcards from our students will soon add to that number.

Photos of the Week: 2016 Fall Festival

On Sunday, October 16, the Greensboro Montessori School Community Association hosted our annual Fall Festival. With the help of countless volunteers, in-kind activity contributors and sponsors, the School welcomed hundreds of past, present and future families for an afternoon of good old-fashioned fun including arts and crafts, pony rides, a bounce house, face painting, a cider press, a dunking booth and so much more! We're are tremendously grateful to our sponsors for underwriting this fantastic event.  The memories created and captured in our "Photos of the Week" (courtesy of the talented Joe Comick) would not be possible without their generosity. J.A. King, the precision management company, was our Gold Sponsor. We also had three Silver Sponsors: Atlantic STS; Mitchell, Bartlett & Bell Orthodontics; and Russell & Cook Insurance.