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Greensboro Montessori School Financial Aid

Financial Aid, The Greensboro Montessori School

Click Here to access the Financial Aid Application through F.A.S.T.

Without a doubt, education is the single best investment that you can make for your child. We understand that for many families, offering your child the opportunity to experience a GMS education involves planning, prioritizing and, sometimes, making tough financial choices.  We work diligently to keep our tuition competitive with other independent schools in the area and we have designed our Financial Aid Program to assist families who are experiencing financial hardship and could not otherwise afford our tuition. Our approach to financial aid is also rooted in our strong desire and commitment to building the sense of community and the culture of partnership at GMS. 

Tuition assistance is granted on a yearly basis to families with children enrolled in the Kindergarten through Middle School programs.

If you are unsure whether your family would qualify for Financial Aid, but you know that paying tuition is an uncomfortable stretch, please consider applying. There is no stigma associated with asking for help. Just note, we do expect families to prioritize educational costs after necessary living expenses, which is precisely why we use an independent and impartial third party agency to determine a recommendation for an expected family contribution.  At the same time, families are also encouraged to submit a Family Letter describing individual circumstances impacting your situation and resources. There is a place to do this in the on-line application. When there are dramatic changes in a family’s financial situation due to a significant set-back, GMS will do what it can to make it possible for the child to remain at GMS. 

Families interested in being considered for financial aid should contact the GMS Office in January to start the application process. Parents submit the application on-line and it is processed through a service called Financial Aid for School Tuition or "F.A.S.T." This service is sponsored by Independent School Management ( There is a $41 application filing fee payable directly to F.A.S.T.

F.A.S.T. will use the information provided in the on-line application to make a recommendation to the school for how much a family can afford to contribute for education. Factors considered in the process include family income and expenses, assets and indebtedness, family size, age of parents, number of children attending tuition charging schools and financial support received from extended family or other sources.

GMS will consider the recommendation from F.A.S.T. and make final determinations based on the resources available in the school’s general operating budget. Financial assistance must be applied for separately each year. Returning families do receive first consideration as the school determines how to allocate assistance.

Consult the GMS Office to learn about processing deadlines. Final decisions about Financial Aid grants will be made by the Head of School and Financial Aid Committee.