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The Greensboro Montessori
 School Alumni

The Greensboro Montessori School is proud of the alumni that represent us. Our Alumni Outreach Program is growing and we always want to know how our former students are doing. Let us know what you are doing. If you have any information on GMS alumnus/a, please contact us. If you are a GMS alumni, we would love to hear from you and to help you keep in touch with your fellow Montessori classmates. Stay connected with friends on our GMS Alumni page on Facebook!

Or contact:
 Andi Bogan or Rhea Egbert
336.668.0119 or to share your latest news!

Many GMS alumni attend Weaver Academy for Visual and Performing Arts High School.  Many have served as their class valedictorian, such as Max Bitar, Bridgette Lavendar, Elizabeth Weathersby and Kathleen Quaintance.  Julie Canziani was also a class valedictorian at Northwest High School.

Quotes from recent GMS alumni

Maggie Dunn, GMS class of 2011, Senior at Grimsley High School:

"GMS really helped me develop my skills as a leader."

Bridget Lavender, GMS class of 2010, Freshman at Davidson College:

"GMS really prepared me for active learning and not just rote memorization. For instance, GMS helped us to learn the difference between spouting out facts about the American Revolution and really understanding what was going on in that time period and why it is important to know and, even if I'm not going to be a history teacher, why it's important to my life."

 Elizabeth Weathersby, GMS class of 2011, Senior Valedictorian at Weaver Academy:

"Through Middle School at GMS, I got to play at lot of sports, and that was great. I learned through that experience that I shouldn't underestimate my abilities, and that I shouldn't not try something."  

Melisa Yuce, GMS class of 2011, Senior at Grimsley High School:

"Like Montessori, the IB program at Grimsley focuses less on the individualistic view of the student and more on creating a global view for each student. You know that you really have to work TOGETHER in order to achieve something.  It's less about "I did it" and more about "We did it."

Aubrey King, GMS class of 2012, Junior at Early College at Guilford:

"Going to Montessori you learn what it takes to keep up with your work and do it ahead of time and the importance of being diligent."

GMS graduates have continued their educations at the following high schools where they are praised as confident, intelligent and independent thinkers who are self-motivated, compassionate and highly respectful of others.

American Hebrew Academy
Bishop McGuiness High School
Brittain Academy
Caldwell Academy
Early College at Guilford
Early College at GTCC

Greensboro College Middle College

Greensboro Day School
Grimsley High School
Milton Academy 
New Garden Friends High School
Noble Academy
Northern Guilford High School
Northwest High School
Page High School
Penn Griffin School for the Arts

Rockingham Early College High School

Southeast Guilford High School
Southwest Guilford High School

Southern Guilford High School
Weaver Academy for Advanced Technology and 
Performing & Visual Arts
Western Guilford High School

Westchester Country Day School

Congratulations to the GMS Class of 2009!  They are attending the following distinguished colleges and universities: Guilford College, Davidson College, Queens University, University of North Carolina - Charlotte, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, The University of North Carolina-Greensboro (Honors College), and Lees McRae University.  We are so proud of all your accomplishments!

Our older graduates have continued onto the following colleges and universities:

American University
, Appalachian State University
, Berklee College of Music, Campbell University, Duke University, 
Elon University, 
East Carolina University
, Goucher College, 
George Washington University, Georgia Tech, Guilford Technical Community College, Harvard University, 
High Point University, 
Hollins University, Johnson & Wales University, Kansas City Art Institute, 
Linkopings Universitet (Sweden)
, Mars Hill University, New York University
, North Carolina State University, 
Salem College, 
The New School (NYC), Tufts University, University of Mississippi, University of North Carolina at Asheville, 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 
University of North Carolina at Wilmington, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, University of Virginia, Virginia Intermont College
 and Western Carolina University

Class of 2014 – Freshmen in High School

Natalie Adams, Will Boone, Samantha Cabbell, Nicole Elliott, Will Harrison, Miles Hassell, Bo and Morgan Howland, Rhys Ireland, Andy King, Alex Pool, Grace Stafford, Ali Wood-Saurez

Class of 2013 – Sophomores in High School

Olivia Azzarita, Joel Benson, Condie Cantrell, V Chusakul, Grant Egbert, Natalie Frontera, Savannah Hanley, Zach Hoss, Isabel Hewgley, Becca Higgins, Megan and Cameron Ireland, William Lloyd, Bella Lluhi, Ike Mango, Gray and Cannon Robinson, Corbett Weathersby

Class of 2012 – Juniors in High School

Perrin Ketchum, Aubrey King, Spencer Lavender, Augusta Meyer-Jennette, Naomi Onadein, Dennis Quaintance, Kathleen Quaintance, Stefano Romano, Lawson Rudisill, Jessica Schneider, Andrew Sypnewski, Calvin Spaeh, Abby Waldron, Mike Weaver, Will Weaver

Class of 2011 – Seniors in High School

Grace Anderson, Evan Benson, Michael Canziani, Ryan Greene, Marlee Hassell, Maggie Dunn, Erica Jones, Ines Kausche, Daniel Kilimnik, Emma Kroll-Smith, Duncan Page, Paul Shinn, Joseph Taylor, Caroline Wall, Elizabeth Weathersby, Kory Webster, Melisa Yuce

Class of 2010 – Freshmen in College

Allie Allen, Rebecca Craft, Amelia Fuqua, Gabi Goggin, Walter Hassell, Bridget Lavender, Harrison McClain-Rubin, Pablo Wolf

Class of 2009– Sophomores in College

Julie Canziani,
 Briana Carrillo,
 Mary Kathryn Craft,
 Sarah Garvey,
 Aliya Graves,
 Haley Hawkins, 
Harrison Jackson,
 Hannah Kausche,
 Bettina Lluhi,
 Olivia Meyer-Jennette,
 Sarah Schott,
 Niki Shumaker, 
Erika Tolin,
 Spencer Williams,
 Ellen Worth

Class of 2008– Juniors in College

Candice Bangham,
 Tess Bargebuhr, 
Morgan Graham,
 Michael Ketchum,
 Scott Loftin,
 Sarah Lucas,
 Smith McLean,
 Camille Nesi,
 Adriana Oliveira, 
Nicole Palat,
 Griffin Page, Evan Poag,
 Shannon Rozes,
 Kaitlyn Webster,
 Juliane Wilson

Class of 2007– Seniors in College

Max Bitar,
 Soren Huette, 
Kyle Jones,
 Zoe Little,
 Chiara Oddonno,
 Ellie Rogowski,
 Sarah Slazyk, 
Lisa Tsuchiya,
 Elena Wong

Class of 2006– 

Ethan Coates,
 Carter Cummings,
 Mara Goldberg,
 Benji Gray,
 Brittany Hobson, Danny Lluhi,
 Miller Radford, 
Andrew Shields, Richard Stafford,
 Katie Todd, 
Jennifer Tolin,
 Kevin Vincent,
 Hannah Washburn,
 Kevin Wilson,
 Francis Wong

Class of 2005– 

Alec Bargebuhr,
 Taylor Dickenson,
 Melissa D'Ruiz,
 RJ Gritter,
 Kelsey Joyce,
Steve Nealen, 
Jessica Oddono,
 Graham Pritchard,
 Emma Riedlinger,
 Ashley Stout

Class of 2004– 

Kristen Edgell,
 Madeline Gallucci, 
Michael Layson,
 Tyler Loftin,
 Christina Oliveira,
 Kirsten Poag,
 Gregory Potter,
 Iain Pritchard,
 Molly Rogowski,
 Daniel Sheffield,
 Allie Shields

Class of 2003

Liz Fletcher,
 Matthew Long,
 Courtney Page,
 Milad Tajalli,
 Steven Todd

Class of 2002

Brent Bowers,
 Matt Carlisle, 
Elisabeth Carpenter, 
Jacob Caudle, 
Kyle Jimison,
 Alexa Milan,
 Evan Morrison,
 Mandi Nealen,
 Lauren Scheibner,
 Evan Scherer, 
Ben Washburn

Class of 2001

Sarah Beth Cagle
, Jaylin Chrystal, 
Allison Fligel
, Madison Hardee,
 Cameron McPherson,
 Anya Plotnikov, 
Morgan Radford,
 Ryan Taylor,
 Derrick Tribble,
 Matthew Whitley

Class of 2000

Caty Adamson,
 Heather Fairley,
 Dunia Fleihan,
 Ari Hofer,
 William Ingold,
 Brian Lucas,
 Jennifer Mabe,
 Richard Oliveira,
 Jessica Prewett,
 Aislin Spangler,
 Morgane Pellerin

Class of 1999

Josh Arnold,
 Josh Beck,
 Emily Coates,
 Elise Croonenberghs,
 Rima Fleihan,
 Laura Granfortuna,
 Ben Haddock,
 Cara Jackson,
 Peter Kostenko,
 Robert Niklasson,
 Patrick Schoolmeester

Class of 1998

Lewis Poag,
 Dan Carlisle,
 Kim Hodgman,
 Sofia Niklasson, 
Lisa Slade

Class of 1997

Jim Swaringen,
 Sarah Coates,
 Adia Parker