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Hello eager shoppers! GMS merchandise will be available for purchase on our new online store very soon (like, in a week maybe). The official GMS merchandise will be available for shipment right to your door! So check back soon, but you will likely hear about it in one of your email announcements or through the grapevine.

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Dear GMS Parents,

Welcome to the 2013-14 School Year!!

Now you can access most of the required forms you need through the GMS website. Mark your calendar for the following events:  You can add events to your iCal or Outlook calendar simply by double-clicking on the event and clicking on the calendar icon on the right hand side of the page.  Click on Export Event and it will be downloaded to your calendar!

Thu Apr 24 @ 8:30AM - 02:30PM
Upper Elementary Field trip to the Land Lab
Thu Apr 24 @ 4:15PM -
Cross Country Conference Championship Meet
Tue Apr 29 @ 6:30PM - 08:00PM
Lower Elementary Spring World Music Concert
Wed Apr 30 @ 8:30AM - 02:30PM
Mary and Isabelle's extended day students trip to the Land Lab
Wed Apr 30 @ 9:00AM -
Science Fair - Upper Elementary
Thu May 01 @ 8:00AM - 12:00AM
8th level students in Costa Rica
Thu May 01 @ 9:00AM -
Mary and Isabelle's Extended day students field trip to the land
Fri May 02 @ 8:00AM - 12:00AM
8th level students in Costa Rica
Fri May 02 @ 9:00AM - 02:30PM
Lower Elementary Students to visit the Land Lab
Fri May 02 @ 9:00AM - 02:45PM
Lower Elementary Students field trip to the Land


School Forms

Emergency Form - We will be sending you a hard copy of your child’s Student Emergency Form to review and sign prior to the first day of classes. This must be updated each year!

  1. CASA Registration Form - Before School and After School Care DOWNLOAD FORM
  2. Photo Release Form DOWNLOAD FORM
  3. NC Kindergarten Health Assessment Form If your child is a rising Kindergartener (turning 5 by August 31, 2013) DOWNLOAD FORM
  4. GMS Discipline Policy Acknowledgement DOWNLOAD FORM
  5. GMS Health/Medical Report (for anyone under Kindergarten Age) DOWNLOAD FORM
  6. Special Acknowledgement and Permission Form for Toddler and Primary Students DOWNLOAD FORM 
    * Toddler and Primary Parents must acknowledge that GMS has provided them with a copy of the Summary of NC Child Care Law brochure

Other School Forms

  1. Permission to Administer Medication (Standard Form for antibiotics, over the counter, or other short term uses) DOWNLOAD FORM
  2. Permission to Administer Topical Ointment (ie sunscreen, bug repellent, diaper cream, etc.) DOWNLOAD FORM
  3. Permission to Administer Medication for Chronic Medical Conditions and Allergic Reactions DOWNLOAD FORM
  4. Greensboro Montessori School Field Trip Authorization & Release form DOWNLOAD FORM
  5. Authorization for GMS to Release Records DOWNLOAD FORM 
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Below is a great article regarding the power (and peril) of praise.  We all want our children to know how amazing we think they are!  And as your children's teachers, we can tell you that they are all amazing!  This article explains how children interpret and internalize our words of praise.

 In our classrooms, you may have noticed the teachers using slightly differently language when discussing a child's work with them.  We are careful not to label or interpret the work for the child.  One of the most obvious examples is a child's artwork.  They bring it to us and you can see the pride in their face.  You have no idea what it is! What do you say that isn't your opinion of the work?  More than the art itself, we love the feelings of confidence, satisfaction, joy and accomplishment we see emanating from our child.  We certainly don't want our child to care what others think of their art, so we choose our words carefully:

"You worked really hard on that."

"You are smiling.  I can see that you enjoyed painting this.  What would you like to do with it?"

"Tell me about your picture."

"I see a lot of purple."

These are just a few examples of things you may hear us say in the classroom.  It seems very simplistic and it may feel a little strange when you start, but this type of language takes your conversation and your child's thoughts to a deeper level.  It is time, attention, connection and bonding with your child.  It says, "I really see what you have done and I want to know more about it and more about you.  You are important and I want to hear and see what you have to share with me."  Don't we all want to hear this from those we love?