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Greensboro Montessori School Curriculum

Greensboro Montessori School CurriculumFounded in 1974, The Greensboro Montessori School is Greenboro’s largest and oldest Montessori school. GMS is accredited by the American Montessori Society, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS).

GMS has a student body of nearly 300 children ranging in age from 18 months to 14 years of age, and a stable, deeply committed fifty-member faculty that is committed to providing students with an authentic Montessori education where children develop a love of learning through individually guided, hands-on discovery and exploration.

Greensboro Montessori School Curriculum, children in wagonAt GMS we foster the growth of the whole child by creating experiences that encourage healthy growth not just academically, but emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially and cognitively as well. Subjects are learned and reinforced by the life-like environments we create on campus – both indoors and outdoors – which trigger our student’s curiosity, engaging them and encouraging them to try, do and discover.

In the words of Maria Montessori, "To consider the school as a place where instruction is given is one point of view. But to consider the school as a preparation for life is another. In the latter case, the school must satisfy all the needs of life." At The Greensboro Montessori School, our sole mission is to "nurture creative, eager learners as they discover their full potential and become responsible, global citizens."

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Parent - Teacher - Child Partnership

We believe a successful Montessori experience depends on a solid partnership between the parent, the teacher and the child.  At GMS, parents are encouraged to become true partners in their child’s educational journey.  Together we help each child reach his or her full full potential and become a responsible, global citizen.  There are five things every parent can do:

  • Understand and embrace the mission of our school:  We nurture creative, eager learners as they discover their full potential and become responsible, global citizens.”
  • Understand and embrace the Montessori philosophy and invest the time to understand how and why things are done in the way they are in a Montessori school.
    • Be a role model of patience, respectfulness and peacefulness
  • Be involved in our school by giving of your time, talents and financial resources!
    • Have an open, honest dialogue with teachers and staff
    • Ask your child’s teacher how you can help in the classroom
    • Have lunch with your child
  • Commit to adapting a Montessori approach and parenting style at home
    • Children thrive when both the home and school environments work in harmony and share the same educational values and expectations, and are reinforced on a consistent basis at home.
  • Work collaboratively to foster the development of independence, responsibility and accountability of the child.

At GMS, our faculty and staff work very hard, each and every day, to provide each children with the best possible Montessori education available.  As a Montessori school, we are different from conventional schools.  Our first commitment is to the multi-dimensional development of the child.  Our curriculum is challenging and you can expect your child to be provided with challenging work that is appropriate for her.  Parents of our graduates tell us that their children are ready and well prepared for high school and are poised for successful futures in high school, college and life in the 21st century. 

While academics are important, equally significant is your child’s social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development. We focus on the whole child and that is what sets us apart from other schools.  At GMS, parents can expect that we will maintain our high professional standards and accreditation; integrity and focus on the needs of the individual child in harmony with the life of  the entire GMS community, a nurturing environment that is physically and emotionally safe and supportive, and inspires a child’s desire to learn.  You can expect mission-driven decisions that embody good stewardship and responsible management to ensure the long-term future of our school. Along with open, respectful, and timely communication from faculty and staff.  If you have a comment, question, suggestion or concern.  Let us know!